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Medical Miracles

Cancer Research

Thirty years ago Flinders investigators created a Leukaemia diagnostic tool

Child Obesity

With childhood obesity rates on the rise, the Flinders Medical

Heart Research

Flinders heart surgeons have saved lives throughout the world by

Neurological Research

Flinders investigators have discovered increased levels of several protective proteins

Breast Cancer Research

Recently Flinders investigators discovered two important molecules that are reduced

Eye Research

Over 25 years ago Flinders established the first eye bank

Child Obesity

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With childhood obesity rates on the rise, the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation successfully sought a $95,771 grant from the Mazda Foundation to see the Parenting, Eating and Activities for Child Health (PEACH) program made more widely available to families with overweight children. With the funds donated by the Mazda Foundation, Dr Magarey and her team have been able to start training more facilitators to expand the program further throughout South Australia. Training is currently underway and Dr Magarey expects the first PEACH group to be held in early 2009.

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