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Flinders Spinal Cord Research On World Map
First Published: Investigator - April 2004

Spinal cord injury research conducted at Flinders has been put on the world map following a clinical trials workshop in Vancouver, Canada.

Professor Robert Rush, Head of the Growth Factor Laboratory at Flinders, joined other clinicians from around the world to present the findings of his Spinal Cord Injury research and joined the push for clinical trials.

Professor Rush is confident his research into the treatment of spinal cord injury will move into clinical trials and is currently seeking an interested party to take the next step.

"Currently there are five countries that have gone into clinical trials. When they produce positive outcomes, which are beginning to show, then I am confident we will have an interested party who will consider our treatment,” he said.

Professor Rush's research involves using transplanted nerve tissue from the lower leg to significantly improve recovery for chronic spinal cord injuries.

He is re-connecting the brain and spinal cord by encouraging nerves to re-grow and regain function past the injury site. The process involves using the sural nerve found in the lower leg and transplanting it at the injury site in the spinal cord.

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