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Meet Lynn: "Itch" and an "ache" becomes 10 year cancer battle


What began as an “itch” and an “ache” has turned into a 10 year cancer battle for Lynn Dillon.

The grandmother of six was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2007 following complaints of an "itch", and underwent surgery, radiation and five years of hormone therapy.

“After that I felt quite well, fit and healthy, and I suppose I thought that was all behind me,” Lynn says.

But in 2011, she visited her GP with a pain in her stomach she had put down to a pulled muscle. Instead they discovered carcinoid tumours which had metastasised to her liver.

“I’ve had a full hysterectomy, bladder and bowel resections and gall bladder removal. I also spent seven weeks on the cancer ward at Flinders,” Lynn says.

She’s had six courses of a rare and intense radioactive treatment called Lutate, and also attends Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer for monthly injections to keep her symptoms at bay.

“I’m up to injection number 65 now I think.”

Lynn is an advocate for listening to your body, early detection and cancer research.

“If I hadn’t followed up on the itch and then the ache in my tummy it would have been a different story,” she says.

“Without research I wouldn’t be here. They have to keep trying new things, and if it works - or even if it doesn’t - it’s a step closer to helping someone else."

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Caption: Lynn Dillon, 64, pictured with four of her six grandchildren, is fighting carcinoid tumours.

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