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Sadly, it’s too late for Neville.


But you can help save men with Prostate Cancer.


Neville knows his time is running out. Prostate Cancer might take him soon, or it might take longer. But he’s doing everything he possibly can to buy just a bit of extra time.


You see, his first granddaughter is due in July 2017. He doesn’t want to miss that for the world.

Neville is just one of thousands of people living with prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men with 1,500 South Australian men diagnosed each year. To put it in perspective, 300 more South Australian men die of prostate cancer each year than women die of breast cancer.

Hundreds of men with suspected prostate cancer will be seen by Southern Adelaide’s prostate cancer service this year alone.


That’s why men like Neville need your support with a tax deductible donation to raise $70,000 to buy new ultrasound probe equipment.


Your generosity will provide two Endocavity Bi-Plane Transducer Ultrasound Probes for specialists to perform biopsies on men with suspected prostate cancer.  This new technology will give doctors a more accurate view of the prostate and the ability to biopsy using a transperineal method - enabling them to collect a better sample so they can be more precise in their cancer diagnosis.


This equipment is a simple way to achieve more accurate biopsy results so that doctors can make better, more confident decisions for their patients.

Those decisions might involve surgery or radiotherapy. Or biopsy information might enable more men to be monitored, avoiding premature surgery and radiation therapy, and preventing erectile dysfunction so they can maintain functionality for as long as possible.


This vital equipment can’t be purchased without your help.

Please make a donation today by filling in the fields below or call Flinders Foundation on (08) 8204 5216.

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