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Vital Essence

The importance of the lymphatic system in maintaining body tissue and cellular health is often misunderstood or underestimated by patients and the medical profession alike.

There is a lack of knowledge in the community about risk factors, what screening can offer, assessment techniques, differential diagnosis, and treatment and management strategies. With education, a great difference can be made in reducing the risk of developing lymphoedema and in its severity.

An interactive educational product has been created in CD-ROM and DVD format to help close the gap in knowledge and awareness about the lymphatic system and lymphoedemas.

This landmark educational and awareness promoting project is led by Professor Neil Piller and represents the culmination of knowledge from his and others experience in the Lymphoedema Assessment Clinic and from the Experimental Lymphology and Microcirculatory laboratories in Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia. The State boasts world leadership in lymphatic research and development.

Versions of Vital Essence for both practitioners and patients can be purchased from the Flinders Foundation by downloading the order form here.





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