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The Neonatal Unit needs your help


Your help is needed to purchase new brain monitoring equipment for the Flinders Medical Centre Neonatal Unit so more babies at risk of brain damage can have the greatest chance of living a happy and healthy life…babies just like Harry.


It was two and half minutes before Harry Amundsen took his first breath. When his parents Denelle and Chris first set eyes on him in Flinders Medical Centre’s Neonatal Unit he lay lifeless with cords attached to nearly every part of him.


“They were told oxygen deprivation may have caused long-term brain damage, leaving Harry unable to walk, talk, eat or learn.


“That was really hard to hear,” Denelle says.“You don’t ever expect your baby to not be breathing. To not hear those first cries. To not be able to hold them. To be told things like that.”


Harry is just one of a number of babies identified at risk of brain damage each year who require specialised monitoring using a “Brainz Machine” – vital technology used to monitor seizures and brain activity so babies can be treated before long-term damage occurs.


Specialists report that when “Brainz” technology is used, and treatment administered, more babies go on to live happy, healthy lives.


We need your help to give more babies like Harry the best chance at life.


With your help, we can raise $60,000 to bring a new “Brainz Machine” to Flinders so more at-risk babies can be monitored and treated.


Please make a tax-deductible donation today by filling in the form below or calling Flinders Foundation on (08) 8204 5216.

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