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State-wide Eating Disorders Service


Flinders Foundation are working in partnership with the State-wide Eating Disorder Services (SA Health) to facilitate the building of a new ‘state of the art’ community facility within Adelaide.

The State-wide Eating Disorders Service (SEDS) is a highly specialised; evidence-based mental health service for all South Australians and was established in 2014.


The focus of the SEDS is caring for people with Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorders.


The SEDS is a vital, new addition to the stepped care approach to eating disorder treatment in South Australia. The stepped care approach recognises that people living with and recovering from an eating disorder must have access to comprehensive services no matter the level of progress of the person’s journey to recovery. The stepped care approach and model of care used across SEDS is recommended and endorsed by the National Eating Disorder Collaboration, the Butterfly Foundation and the Australia & New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders.


The development of the new building will support and enhance the growth of the clinical service within South Australia and ensure that access to Family Based Therapy and the SEDS Day Program for eating disorders is accessible to more families, providing evidenced-based early intervention treatment program and positive outcomes for patients and their families.


Essentially, SEDS can provide a “one stop shop” – access to optimal treatment and facilities for patients and their families. Rapid and responsive diagnosis, assessment, treatment planning and coordination, therapy and comprehensive discharge planning can occur within the one service. All services offered by SEDS are continuously evaluated using qualitative and quantitative measures. At SEDS there is a strong emphasis on the participation of clients, carers and other service users or providers in evaluation of our services. This informs future service development and improvement as well as resulting in regular publication of service results in prestigious health professional publications.


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