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Flinders Medical Centre Foundation



Our aim is to foster innovation and discovery in health to transform people’s lives.


VISION: To be Australia’s leading Foundation, inspiring medical discoveries and advancing global health.


For many years, the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation has worked towards its motto of Prevent, Cure, Care, as the official Charity of the Flinders Medical Centre. The Foundation works to support a team of more than 3,500 medical staff and 400 medical researchers across the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) which includes Flinders Medical Centre, and Flinders University.

To date, the Foundation has donated more than $65 million towards research, facilities and patient care initiatives at Flinders with the help of the SA community.


There is so much more to be done and Flinders Foundation CEO, Amanda Shiell, has her sights set on a brighter future for patients and their families.


“I am thrilled to be leading the Flinders Foundation as we embark on a new era. I am intently focused on ensuring we are at the leading edge of change as we look to the future and position ourselves to ensure that we deliver maximum impact”.

Amanda explains that in order to truly make a difference in people’s lives – and for as many people as possible, the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation needs to evolve as it plans to surge ahead with clear intent and renewed focus.

“In the next decade we will continue to face tough economic challenges and funding pressures in the health arena, as we edge closer to breakthrough discoveries in how we manage illness and disease worldwide”.

The change to Flinders Foundation represents the big picture impact that the Foundation is striving to achieve and will be underpinned by three key focus areas:

  • unwavering focus on impactful cancer research and improving the lives of people affected by cancer
  • to deliver transformative outcomes in mental health and well-being across Australia
  • supporting South Australian children and families on their journey through the health system

Funding will be directed towards initiatives that can demonstrate significant advancements in models of care and outcomes for patients and their families. The Foundation will continue to work with the community and across the health sector to ensure funding is provided where it is needed most.

Amanda is passionate about the wellbeing of the community, and has bold plans to take the Flinders Foundation forward. “We want to see new and enhanced services - we want to break down the barriers to better health and to fund research that makes a difference. We aim to influence outcomes that improve people’s lives locally and all over the world.”  She stresses, however, that much more can be achieved if we all work together.

“With your support, I truly believe that we can make the impossible possible”.

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